Neo-Nazi Posters Spotted on Boston University’s Campus

'Black Lives Don't Matter.'

Photo By Olga Khvan

Photo By Olga Khvan

Update: Thursday, 11:55 a.m.

BUPD has released video of a person posting a Neo-Nazi poster on a Boston University building, and have asked the community for help identifying the suspect.

Meanwhile, more than 50 BU students protested the posters in the rain Wednesday, the Daily Free Press reports.


Anti-black posters believed to have been distributed by a Neo-Nazi group were spotted on Boston University’s campus Sunday.

One of the posters, which reads, “Black Lives Don’t Matter,” was found near FitRec, the school’s fitness center on Commonwealth Avenue, reports The Tab. “Boston University, you’ve been visited by the Atomwaffen Division. Join your local Nazis,” reads another.

The posters appear to belong to Iron March, a white-supremacist forum. Atomwaffen Division is the name of a thread on the site, whose slogan calls for the extermination of Jews and the start of a race war.

“Our exact numbers are not to be talked about too publicly but we are over 20 members strong,” one post in the thread from October 2015 reads. “Large concentration in Florida, various smaller chapters throughout the US, such as Chicago, Texas, and New England, we even have some Norway members.”

Two posts on March 28 and 30 expressed interest in starting a New England chapter.

Last year, Hillel International ranked BU second among private universities by Jewish population. Roughly 28 percent of the school’s undergraduates are Jewish. Just 3 percent of the school’s entire student population is African American, according to federal data.

“BUPD is currently investigating into who posted the fliers,” BU spokesperson Colin Riley tells Boston.