Duck Boat Driver Involved in Deadly Crash Had 10 Speeding Tickets on His Record

The driver had a long history of driving violations spanning over two decades.

New details have surfaced about the duck boat driver who was involved in a crash that killed a woman over the weekend.

According to the Boston Globe, Victor Tavares had a long history of driving violations, racking up 10 speeding tickets and a host of other citations dating back to the mid-’90s.

Officials for Boston Duck Tours claim that there were “major discrepancies” between the copy of Tavares’ driving record that the company had on file and the information that was recently released to the public.

“Given the discrepancies between the information we received from the DMV and the information reported, we will be contacting the respective agencies tomorrow and we will provide any updated information,” chief executive Cindy Brown said in a statement to the Globe.

Tavares was behind the wheel of a duck boat with over a dozen passengers on Saturday when he collided with Allison Warmuth, who was driving a scooter on Beacon Hill. Following the fatal incident, Tavares’ license was suspended, although no charges have officially been filed against him yet.

He’s received numerous citations over the years, including 10 speeding tickets and several moving violations, and received his latest speeding citation in Stoughton last October.

RMV records also show that Tavares was found to be at fault for a 2003 accident and was forced to attend a safety class the following year after earning at least five citations.

Boston police and the Suffolk District Attorney’s office are still investigating Saturday’s crash to determine if Tavares was at fault.