Scott Brown Wonders If Elizabeth Warren Drunk-Tweets

'All she does is yell.'

Photo via AP

Photo via AP

It’s been three years, five months, and 29 days since Sen. Elizabeth Warren ousted incumbent Scott Brown, and boy, is someone still bitter.

In an appearance Wednesday on Herald Radio, the one-term Massachusetts senator showed there’s no love lost between him and his successor. When asked about her late-night tweetstorm lambasting Trump for his sexist and xenophobic rhetoric, Brown wondered if Warren had hit the bottle before opening Twitter.

“Was she drunk-tweeting now?” Brown said. “First of all, what she said is completely irrelevant. It doesn’t matter. She had her chance to make a difference. She hasn’t even bothered to endorse anybody, so it’s just a continuation of her phoniness and her inability to make decisions that really have her stand on her own two feet.”

“All she does is yell and criticize and demean and belittle people instead of worked for the people of Massachusetts,” said Brown, who endorsed Trump in February.

In 2013, Brown famously tweeted—and subsequently deleted—a string of bizarre messages, including the now-immortal “Bqhatevwr.” Though some believed he was drunk, Brown said he rarely drinks, blaming his phone for the mishap.