Watch: Mother Duck Leads Her Ducklings through a Milton Elementary School

Make way for these adorable critters.

An elementary school in Milton made way for ducklings on Tuesday.

According to the Boston Globe, more than 500 students patiently sat in the halls at Glover Elementary to watch a mother duck parade her cute ducklings through the school. The adorable critters were hatched in the school’s courtyard before waddling their way to a nearby pond.

This isn’t the first time that ducklings have taken over the school.

The processions have been an annual, springtime tradition at Glover Elementary for over a decade, as the entire student body comes together to help safely guide the ducks to their new home.

“The mother knows where she’s going because she’s done it before,” Principal Sheila Kukstis told the Globe.

Check out a ridiculously cute video of the duckling parade above.