Clinton Leads Trump By 24 Points in Massachusetts Poll

Plus, Gov. Charlie Baker is still a popular guy.

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton reacts to supporters as she arrives to speak at her Super Tuesday election night rally in Miami, Tuesday, March 1, 2016. (AP Photo/Gerald Herbert)

Photo via AP

Don’t expect Massachusetts to fall under Donald Trump’s spell any time soon.

The presumptive Republican presidential nominee trails Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton by 24 percentage points in the Bay State, according to a new poll by Suffolk University and the Boston Globe.

Clinton, who bested Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont in the March 1 Democratic primary by a slim margin, garnered support from 55 percent of voters, while Trump, who won his party’s Massachusetts primary, drew just 31 percent in the projected general election matchup.

Despite her considerable lead, favorability problems persist for Clinton. Forty-seven percent of Massachusetts voters have a favorable opinion of the former Secretary of State, while 43 percent had an unfavorable impression of her. Compare that to Sanders’ 55-percent favorability and 32-percent unfavorable.

Clinton’s Super Tuesday win in Massachusetts was not without controversy, with allegations that former President Bill Clinton violated state election law in West Roxbury and New Bedford. Roughly 53 percent of Sanders supporters would back Clinton if she is the Democratic nominee, while 8 percent would vote for the Republican nominee, 11 percent would consider a third-party candidate, and 7 percent said they would stay home and not vote, according to the telephone poll.

The survey, conducted by phone between May 2 and 5, also revealed that Gov. Charlie Baker still enjoys remarkably high support among Massachusetts voters, with 7 in 10 saying they approve of the job he’s doing. Baker told reporters last week that he wouldn’t be supporting Trump or Clinton in November.