Golden Teapot in Government Center Damaged, Removed

Don't worry—the steamy icon will soon be as good as new.

Photo by lovinkat on Flickr/Creative Commons

Photo by lovinkat on Flickr/Creative Commons

The Golden Teapot, a quirky, steaming fixture of Government Center—and before it, Scollay Square—has left its perch atop the Starbucks on Court Street.

First hung above the Oriental Tea Company in 1871, the Teapot is a Boston landmark. Its signature, steady stream of steam is generated by the 227-and-a-half gallons of water in its golden belly.

The Teapot is believed to have been struck by a truck or construction equipment this week and dented.

The Teapot will be repaired and returned to its home opposite the shiny, new Government Center MBTA station in six weeks or so, CBS Boston reports. Get well soon, little guy.