Elizabeth Warren Thinks It’s Hilarious That Donald Trump Calls Her ‘Goofy’

She even LOL'd.

Photo (Cropped) by Edward Kimmel on Flickr/Creative Commons

Photo (Cropped) by Edward Kimmel on Flickr/Creative Commons

It seems with each new week brings another late-night Twitter salvo from Sen. Elizabeth Warren, slicing and dicing presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump to the delight of liberals looking for an attack dog for the Democratic Party.

Last week, Warren continued with her usual schtick, calling Trump a liar and a xenophobe with a flair for the fascist. The failed steak salesman fired back, dredging up the controversy over her Native American heritage and bestowing the Massachusetts senator with one of his signature, Homeric epithets: Goofy Elizabeth Warren.

Warren’s reaction? LOL.

“I laughed out loud,” Warren told the Globe. “I left the kids and went to the other room and wrote the tweets.”

Warren said she was visiting her daughter in California during the Senate’s Mother’s Day recess, when she saw primary results out of Indiana showing a clear path to the Republican nomination for Trump. So she fired up her laptop and started swinging.

“The kids had gone off to bed,” she said. “And I just thought, ‘This man is truly dangerous. He is reckless and he is dangerous.’”

No word if she had a glass of wine beforehand, as speculated by two Herald Radio hosts and former Sen. Scott Brown.