Watch: Fireball Lights Up the Sky Over New England

'They could just be some of Stephen King's friends on their way to visit him.'

New England was treated to a close encounter of the fiery kind early on Tuesday morning.

From Massachusetts to Maine, late night observers from across the region reported seeing a fireball—a very bright meteor—fly through the night sky, according to NECN.

The Portland Maine police department posted one of the best videos yet of the occurrence on its Facebook page. The clip features dash cam footage of Sgt. Tim Farris who was surprised by the fireball while on the look out for speeders.

The short video was accompanied by a pretty humorous description of the event.

“The meteor (or alien spaceship) was caught on camera at approximately 0050 hours,” the post read. “Let’s hope the visitors are friendly. They could just be some of Stephen King’s friends on their way to visit him. Whom ever they are I’m sure we could win them over with a whoopie pie.”

According the American Meteor Society, hundreds of reports came in about the fireball from people located around the Northeast. AMS data showed that it was mostly observed by onlookers in Maine, but it could also be viewed in all of the New England states, including Massachusetts, as well as New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and even parts of Canada.