Boston Magazine Wins Two CRMA Awards

Our Chinese edition won for Best Ancillary, General Interest, and staff writer Chris Sweeney is your Writer of the Year.

Interrupting your daily routine to share that Boston magazine won two CRMA awards Monday night in Denver.

In the world of city/regional mags, the annual conference and awards hosted by the City and Regional Magazine Association are like our Oscars, minus the beautiful people in Tom Ford and Marchesa. Boston and our sister magazine Philadelphia were nominated for 23 awards this year, and Boston took home two big wins.

One was the award for Best Ancillary, General Interest, which went to our new Chinese edition. (Judges, did you even read it? Kidding.) You can check out both the inaugural edition from August 2015 and the spring 2016 edition online. 很好!

And we’ve definitely been popping emoji bottles for staff writer Chris Sweeney, who was named Writer of the Year!

From the video presentation:

Sweeney handles subjects deftly, and he lets readers draw their own conclusions about these complex characters.

The recognition is beyond well-deserved. Sweeney is—to put it simply—a beast. His work ethic and competitive spirit is relentless, to our magazine’s advantage, resulting in standout features about the heroin crisis, last year’s Brigham and Women’s hospital shooting, and even taking on Tom Brady’s personal guru.

Below, a selection of Sweeney’s greatest hits from this past year:

Murder in Exam Room 15

He expected doctors to perform a miracle. When they couldn’t, he sought revenge at the Brigham. Are hospitals the new front line in the escalating battle between patients and healthcare?


On the road, down the bottle, and across the border with Boston’s greatest competitive bagpipe band.

This Police Chief Is a Junkie’s New Best Friend

After 25 years of fighting a losing war on drugs, Gloucester Police Chief Leonard Campanello finally had enough. To save lives, he took matters into his own hands.

Tom Brady’s Personal Guru Is a Glorified Snake-Oil Salesman

According to the FTC, Alex Guerrero faked being a doctor and claimed his products could cure cancer and concussions. These days, Guerrero’s business partner is the greatest quarterback of all time.


Boston’s KJ Seung has chased one of history’s most prolific killers across the globe, from Peru to Lesotho to North Korea. Can he change how the world treats tuberculosis?

Bogged Down

More than a decade ago, Ocean Spray’s Randy Papadellis rescued the industry by turning the world on to Craisins. But now that things have turned sour, does Papadellis have the juice to pull off another miracle?

And my personal favorite, a story about three metalhead sisters from Mexico who wanted to attend Berklee’s Summer Program. The post went viral, sparking hundreds of donations, including $10,000 from Alex Rigopulos of Harmonix and $1,000 from the Office of the President of Berklee College of Music. They raised $32,980 of their $30,000 goal on GoFundMe.

Keep up with Sweeney’s latest on his author page and follow him on Twitter @cbsweeney.