Scuffle Between Boston Cop and Civilian Captured on Video

Officials are launching an investigation into the incident.

Boston police are looking into an incident captured on video between an off-duty officer and a civilian in Back Bay.

According to the Associated Press, officials confirmed on Wednesday that Internal Affairs will be investigating the scuffle, which occurred on Tuesday evening near the intersection of Arlington and Boylston streets.

A video of the incident, posted on Facebook, allegedly shows an officer in a Red Sox jersey pinning a man to the ground with his knee.

“You know what I’m doing. Why were you running?” the officer says to the man in the clip.

“Because you cut me off,” he replies.

The officer goes on to claim that the man had the “don’t walk sign” and tells him to “get up” before dragging him away by the collar.

According to the Boston Globe, the officer stated in a department report that he was in his personal vehicle while making a turn at Arlington Street when the man illegally crossed and struck the car’s “right rear driver’s side window.”

The man claims in the report that he was upset with the officer for not letting him cross, so he struck the car with an umbrella, leaving a “large vertical scratch” that was “initially visible but was able to be wiped from the surface of the glass.”

A Boston police department spokesman told the Globe that the person who was detained has only been identified as a 54-year-old man, and has yet to be charged with any crimes.