Donald Trump Accuses Elizabeth Warren of Flipping Foreclosed Houses

They went at it again on Twitter.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump in Worcester by Garrett Quinn

Donald Trump and Elizabeth Warren continued their war of words on Twitter this week.

The Republican presidential hopeful took a few jabs at the Massachusetts senator on Wednesday, saying that she’s “all talk no action” and also labeling her a “hypocrite” for buying foreclosed homes.

While Warren has helped family members finance properties in Oklahoma over the years, she didn’t exactly make a “quick killing.”

According to the Boston Globe, About half of the two dozen homes in question were properties that Warren’s brother and nephew, who work in construction, either renovated and sold for profit or managed as rental units. The other homes were purchased for other family members, such as a $50,000 house for Warren’s parents, which is where they lived until they passed away.

At least two of the homes were bought out of foreclosure, however, Warren’s family ended up owning the properties for several years before deciding to sell them at a profit.

The Globe also notes that only two of the homes that Warren purchased or financed were sold within a year, including one that was flipped in just weeks. However, profits were minimal, according to records.

Warren responded to Trump’s attack by saying that she was “proud” of her decision to help family members.