Maybe That’s Not the Best Use of Snapchat, Boston Herald

But hey, you're trying.


A new report from Bloomberg says Snapchat has passed Twitter in popularity, boasting more than 150 million active daily users. At the same time, media outlets are in a desperate grab for fresh Millennial eyeballs, causing them to do silly things—say, rebrand a venerated newspaper company with an onomatopoeia and Nickelodeon font.

An F-16 Thunderbirds fighter jet participating in a flyover at the Air Force’s graduation ceremony Thursday crashed into a field near Colorado Springs. Like most stories, this one has a Massachusetts tie: the pilot, Maj. Alex Turner, of Chelmsford, safely ejected, and even got to meet President Obama afterward.

The Boston Herald, breaking in its shiny new Snapchat account, shared this news with a selfie and an airplane emoji. You Millennials like that, right? Right?

The irony is overwhelming when you consider that this all comes from the same paper that once slimed a City Hall employee for—gasp—posting to Twitter and Facebook during working hours. If the Herald is going to do Snapchat right, it should provide a nonstop stream of Howie Carr with the puppy-dog lens, rambling on about Deval Patrick outside a Market Basket, or something.