Framingham Native Explains How He Survived Orlando Shooting

Angel Colon credits the hospital staff for saving his life.

A Framingham native is speaking out after surviving the mass shooting at a nightclub in Orlando on Sunday.

While recovering at the hospital where he was treated, Angel Colon joined doctors to talk about the incident during a press conference on Tuesday.

Colon explained that he was saying farewell to friends and was about to the leave the club when he heard the gunshots.

“We just grabbed each other, we started running,” he said. “Unfortunately, I was shot about three times in the leg, so I had fallen down. I tried to get back up, but everyone started running everywhere. I got trampled over and I shattered and broke my bones on my left leg.”

Unable to walk, Colon said that people ran over him while trying to escape the gunfire in the club.

Colon thought he was “a little safe” because the shooter had gone into another room. However, he once again feared for his safety when the man returned to make sure the people that he shot were dead.

“I hear him come back and he’s shooting everyone that’s already dead on the floor making sure they’re dead,” Colon said. “I look over and he shoots the girl next to me. I’m just there laying down and I’m thinking, ‘I’m next, I’m dead.'”

Colon miraculously survived, even though the shooter shot him again in the hand and the side of his hip. He pretended to be dead so that the shooter wouldn’t continue firing at him.

Eventually, Colon was found by a police officer who carried him outside before being transported to the hospital in an ambulance.

Colon said that he was extremely grateful to the hospital staff for treating him in the aftermath of the incident and credits them for saving his life.

“The way you guys have taken care of us, this hospital, is amazing,” Colon said. “If it wasn’t for you, I definitely wouldn’t be here.”