Man Carves Giant New England Sports Championship Tree Sculpture

Jesse Green's preferred medium is chainsaw + forest.

All of us have our passions. Our hobbies. The things that bring us that certain joie de vivre. Some people like art. Some people love the New England Patriots. And the luckiest among us are able to combine all those things we like into one giant masterpiece.

Such is the case with Jesse Green, who works with chainsaws and trees to create his artwork. His latest piece? Turning a multi-trunked tree into a giant hand sporting championship rings for each of New England’s professional sports teams. The Bruins, Pats, Celtics, and Red Sox each get their due on the giant hand, which also has vividly lifelike knuckles and fingernails. It’s called World Championship Tree, and the inspiration is an ESPN the magazine cover story about Boston, the championship city. Behold the majesty of his work, and despair of ever being this good at something you love:

Green, per his website, has been working with chainsaws for 15 years and has a fine arts degree in sculpture/3-D studies from UMass-Dartmouth. Please refer back to Mr. Green any time someone questions your decision to go to arts school.