GE Accidentally Leaks Own Plans for Fort Point Headquarters

The company says it's just one of several designs under consideration.

General Electric Co. CEO Jeff Immelt waits for the start of the annual shareholders meeting, Wednesday, April 23, 2008, in Erie, Pa. Immelt is telling shareholders that the economy is the toughest it's been since 2001 and that the U.S. is facing the worst housing crisis since the Great Depression.(AP Photo/Tony Dejak)

Photo via AP

General Electric is moving into two brick warehouses on Fort Point’s Necco Court, with the intent to build a third building—of this, we’re certain.

But many aspects of the move, including the design of the industrial giant’s world headquarters, remain up in the air. Officials revealed last week, for example, that the state will help foot the bill for GE’s purchase of the land from Proctor & Gamble, not the Boston Redevelopment Authority, as Mayor Marty Walsh previously indicated.

GE accidentally tipped its hand on the project’s design late Friday night, on its “GE Boston” app dedicated to the move. The rendering of a sleek, glassy tower with an adjoined pedestrian walkway was taken down late Saturday morning after the Globe started poking around, but not before a few quick hands grabbed screenshots.

A GE spokesperson told the Globe that the rendering, presented by general counsel Alex Dimitrief to the New England General Counsel Symposium last week, was just one of several plans under consideration for the 2.5 acre site. The company plans to file formal plans with the BRA by August.