New Boston Dynamics Robot Can Bring You Beer (Sort Of)

Meet the company's latest creation, SpotMini.


Photo by Boston Dynamics via YouTube / Screenshot

You’ve seen Spot run, now you can watch its younger sibling do that and then some.

Boston Dynamics unveiled its latest robotic creation, the SpotMini, in a video released on Thursday morning. While the original Spot is around the size of a large Mastiff, the company’s new, smaller doglike robot only weighs 65 pounds, making it equivalent to a Golden Retriever.

Not only is the SpotMini less cumbersome than the previous model, but Boston Dynamics is touting it as “the quietest robots we have ever built.”

According to the video description on YouTube, the robot features a few new bells and whistles. The SpotMini is all-electic with no hydraulics, and can run for around 90 minutes straight on a charge, depending on what tasks it’s performing.

Other features include a collection of sensors, depth cameras, a solid state gyro, and proprioception sensors in each limbs which help with navigation and mobile manipulation. The SpotMini is able to perform some tasks on its own, however, most high-level guidance requires the use of a human.

Judging by the video, the robot can load a dishwasher and even bring you a beer.

Ok, maybe it needs some work on that last part.

Check out the full clip below.