Massachusetts Man Escapes Terrorist Attack at Istanbul Airport

Adam Keally survived the attack on Ataturk Airport.

Ataturk Airport

Photo via AP

A Massachusetts man was able to escape a terrorist attack at an airport in Turkey on Tuesday.

According to CBS Boston, Adam Keally was inside Istanbul’s Ataturk Airport when three suicide bombers attacked the building, killing 41 people and injuring hundreds of others.

“They had cuts and people were very badly injured,” Keally said. “One guy had holes in his back from shrapnel or from glass.”

More than 230 people were wounded in the blast, which occurred when the attackers, who arrived by taxi armed with guns and bombs, detonated their explosives after coming under fire from authorities, according to the Associated Press.

Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim believes the Islamic State is behind the latest tragedy, as the group has threatened Turkey in the past. However, no organization has claimed responsibility for the blast yet.

Keally and several other people who were inside the airport ran from the building as the attack was going on.

“People were shooting from one side and we all ran the other way and then the bombs went off and people started running the other way and there was more shooting and we came out,” Keally said.

A day before the attack, federal authorities issued a travel warning discouraging U.S. citizens from going to Turkey over terrorism concerns.