Kennedy Says He’d Consider a Senate Run If Warren Tapped for VP

A Kennedy in the Senate? Surely you jest.

Photo via Joe Kennedy's Congressional Office

Photo via Joe Kennedy’s Congressional Office

It’s been seven years since we’ve seen a Kennedy in the Senate. With a little nudge from presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, that could soon change.

Congressman Joe Kennedy III told WCVB’s Janet Wu during a Thursday night taping of her show, On the Record, that he would consider a run for Elizabeth Warren’s Senate seat in the event she’s tapped to be Clinton’s running mate this November.

Ted Kennedy won the seat in a special election in 1962 after his brother, John F. Kennedy, was elected president. He held the seat for 47 years until his death in 2009. Joe Kennedy worked on his great-uncle’s re-election campaign in 2006 before enrolling in Harvard Law School, where Warren taught for nearly 20 years.

Cosmo centerfold Scott Brown won the seat in a 2010 special election, defeating Attorney General Martha Coakley. Brown served for just two years before he was ousted by Warren, who became the Bay State’s first female senator. After a failed Senate campaign in New Hampshire, Brown now spends his time calling in to Herald Radio and following Donald Trump around.

Wu’s interview with Kennedy airs Sunday at 11 a.m.