Someone Reported a Pokémon to City Hall’s 311 Service

It's not very effective...

pokemon go

Pokémon Go, the mobile game that’s launched thousands of nostalgic Millennials wandering aimlessly into oncoming traffic in search of a Meowth, has taken Boston by storm. BOS 311, the City of Boston’s mobile app typically used for reporting potholes or illegally parked cars, is a few magnitudes less popular with the young people.

That is, until a 14-pound water type with vice-like pincers shows up.

One Pokémon Go user, Davesg41, used BOS 311 to report a “rodent sighting” at the intersection of Tai Tung Street and Hudson Street, along with a simple, almost Hemingway-esque description: “Krabby on Albany Street!!”

City Hall was a good sport about it, paraphrasing a line from the Pokémon theme song seared into the noggin of every 90s kid.