Someone Reported a Pokémon to City Hall’s 311 Service

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pokemon go

Pokémon Go, the mobile game that’s launched thousands of nostalgic Millennials wandering aimlessly into oncoming traffic in search of a Meowth, has taken Boston by storm. BOS 311, the City of Boston’s mobile app typically used for reporting potholes or illegally parked cars, is a few magnitudes less popular with the young people.

That is, until a 14-pound water type with vice-like pincers shows up.

One Pokémon Go user, Davesg41, used BOS 311 to report a “rodent sighting” at the intersection of Tai Tung Street and Hudson Street, along with a simple, almost Hemingway-esque description: “Krabby on Albany Street!!”

City Hall was a good sport about it, paraphrasing a line from the Pokémon theme song seared into the noggin of every 90s kid.

It’s @BOS311 and me. I know it’s our destiny…

— City of Boston (@CityOfBoston) July 11, 2016

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