That Yacht Docked in Boston Isn’t Mark Cuban’s, You Guys

The billionaire would like to put all of this yacht business behind him.


The ‘Fountainhead’ yacht is currently docked at Yacht Haven at Boston’s North End Waterfront. Photo courtesy of Monika Skole Fuchs.

The traveling sideshow that is the not-Mark-Cuban’s-yacht made its way to Boston this week.

The cruise-ship-sized vessel, named Fountainhead, has been turning heads since it docked in the North End’s Yacht Haven on Friday, according to the neighborhood news site

But the billionaire owner of the Dallas Mavericks and co-star of the investment game show Shark Tank wants to make it known he does not own that, or any, yacht. He is emphatic on this point.

“I DON’T OWN A YACHT,” Cuban reportedly wrote in an email to the celebrity gossip website Page Six, the all-caps his.

The owner of the yacht—which is 288 feet long, comes equipped with a basketball hoop, has enough deck space to store two additional boats, hails from the Cayman Islands, and most likely draws its name from the Ayn Rand novel (which Cuban, as luck would have it, has said is one of his favorites)—has been spreading misinformation, Cuban says.

The full email, as reported by Page Six:

I don’t own a yacht. Never have . . . The guy who owns the boat tells EVERYONE that it’s mine. It’s so crazy, I got a letter from someone thanking me because the ship’s doctor had saved this person with CPR . . . had people email me asking if they can come aboard. Of course I always say yes I DON’T OWN A YACHT.

Unnamed sources told the gossip site the boat’s owner was actually an executive from Sears. Sears didn’t return a request from Boston for comment.

Many, many online resources earlier reported the boat belonged to Cuban. There was Mark Cuban’s yacht docked in Miami, in Bar Harbor, and The Hamptons, the sites reported. Forbes counted Cuban among the big boat owners in its ranking of 100 Biggest Yachts. Passing reference to Cuban and his vessel was made in a Thrillist list of the 8 Most Ridiculous Yachts in the World.

Then on Tuesday came a series of stories about how the nautical wonder absolutely didn’t belong to the wealthy basketball figure and TV personality.

One of them came from the Boston Business Journal, a reporter for which also reached out to Cuban by texting him directly on a messaging app he owns called Cyber Dust.

“I don’t,” Cuban tells BBJ reporter Sara Castellanos, “have a yacht.”