Pokémon Go Players Help Man Overdosing in a Lowell Park

They saved a life while on their way to catch a Pikachu.

lowell park

North Common Park photo via Wikimedia Creative Commons

Earlier this week, two Pokémon Go players in Lowell were in pursuit of a Pikachu in North Common Park when they made a startling discovery.

While attempting to catch the famous Pokémon character, Molly Callery and Joshua Heyl spotted an unresponsive man near the park’s basketball courts.

“For some reason I happened to look over and saw he was on the ground,” Heyl told WHDH.

The players recognized the man was overdosing and immediately called 911. An ambulance transported the man to a nearby hospital where he was revived.

“It felt nice to know that I helped someone,” Heyl told the news station.

It ended up being a win-win for the Lowell Pokémon trainers, who saved a life and also caught the Pikachu.