Thief Locks Himself in the Store He’s Stealing From

Leave it to a Worcester crook.

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When a Worcester thief entered the Woodland Street Superette on Wednesday, he apparently did not give much thought to what he should do after the act of stealing.

Thirty-four-year-old Carlos Lokko didn’t make a clean getaway. Instead, he locked himself in the very store he was stealing from.

According to a report from the Telegram & Gazette, Lokko entered the store around 2 p.m. After putzing around for a few minutes, he allegedly approached the counter and revealed a knife to the clerk. He reached behind the counter in an attempt to take two pocketbooks, but after a struggle with the clerk, he could not obtain them.

That’s when Lokko locked the door to the store. Police told the Telegram that someone walking past the superette sensed trouble and tried to enter. When the door wouldn’t open, Lokko then unlocked it and fled. The passerby attempted to chase Lokko but was unsuccessful.

Soon after, when police arrived, they spotted Lokko on a porch on a nearby street. They arrested him, charging him with assault and battery, armed robbery, and trespassing.

You can read the full Telegram & Gazette report here.

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