Dramatic Images Released of Shark Eating Seal Near Chatham

The Atlantic White Shark Conservancy posted the photos to Facebook on Monday evening.

A great white shark was spotted eating a grey seal off the coast of Chatham’s Monomoy National Wildlife Refuge yesterday.

Pilot Wayne Davis with the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy witnessed the chomping in action and decided to photograph the shark’s mealtime.

The images, which were taken from Davis’ aircraft, are graphic. A strip of bright red can be seen streaking across the blue waters. In one photo, the shark is shown drifting near the crimson blob—eerily close to the shore.

The aerial photos were posted to the conservancy’s Facebook page on Monday evening, where they’ve been shared more than 500 times as of Tuesday morning.

Great whites typically travel to the inshore waters of Cape Cod to feed on seals, according to the conservancy’s website. Attacks on humans are rare, but still possible. We suppose it doesn’t hurt to give the water a second look before wading in.