Mayor Marty Walsh Will Speak at Democratic National Convention

And he's got a 'pretty good' time slot.

Photo via AP

Photo via AP

Marty’s going primetime.

Mayor Walsh will be a featured speaker when the Democratic National Convention convenes in Philadelphia next week, reports Politico Massachusetts. He will reportedly speak Monday during a “pretty good” time slot.

The first night of the convention will have a distinct New England flair, with Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Sen. Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton’s primary opponent, also scheduled to speak.

Walsh endorsed Clinton in November at a rally in Faneuil Hall, after Vice President Joe Biden declared he would not seek the presidency.

“When you think about a candidate who has the experience and the resume for this job, there’s nobody ever in the history of this country that has the resume that Hillary Clinton has to run for president,” Walsh said at the time. “I’ll do whatever, whatever needs to be done…I’ll do anything the campaign asks me to do. This isn’t just an endorsement in name only.”

Who knows—maybe the kid from Dorchester will get a taste of the national spotlight and make a run himself in 2020.