Hundreds of Dead Animals Were Discovered at a Westport Farm

Abused and injured livestock dotted the 70-acre property.


Photo via iStock / artolympic

Police discovered scores of dying and dead animals at a 70-acre farm in Westport on Wednesday, along with piles of burning trash and poorly built shacks.

“Many of the animals we have come across are in awful, deplorable conditions,’’ Westport Police detective Jeff Majewski told South Coast Today.

It’s the second time in six years that the property’s owner, Richard Medeiros, has been charged with animal cruelty.

His property is divided into lots that are managed by individual tenants. Police were called to the farm last week after one tenant reported that 18 of his goats were attacked by two Rottweilers from another lot. When they arrived on the scene, police found more than a dozen dead and mauled goats. The dogs, who were being starved, had escaped what Majewski described as a “terrible, unsanitary enclosure” and then viciously attacked the goats.

The Globe reports that police returned to the property on Tuesday with a search warrant. They found between 600 and 800 dying animals across all of the lots.

The list of disturbing discoveries is grim: a food bucket containing meat with maggot eggs and flies on it, a dog tied to a short chain standing in an area filled with broken glass, and a bowl of green water left in the sun for a dog. Police photos depict dead sheep on the ground with other animals walking around their bodies. Several animals had been so severely tortured that they had to be euthanized.

Westport police detective sergeant Tony Cestodio told the Globe that Medeiros and his renters will probably face criminal charges. The tenants will be allowed onto the property, which is not a sanctioned farm, to feed their animals if escorted by police.

“The neighbors from this area and the rest of the town should demand that this does not continue any longer,” Majewski told South Coast Today. “It affects all aspects of the community.”