Welcome Back to Boston, Jeff Immelt

In honor of GE’s move to Fort Point, we created a personalized city guide for its CEO.

ge ceo jeff immelt boston guide


We’re down one $8 million Back Bay townhouse, so it must be official: General Electric’s CEO, Jeff Immelt, is coming to town. Now, Jeff, we know you’ve spent decades carefully cultivating your image as a down-to-earth guy whose most exotic passions are reading and working out. And in some ways, that dedication to prudent living is about as close to our old-school Yankee ethos as it gets. For that, we salute you. But your company is getting up to 20 years of free rent on a two-and-a-half-acre waterfront campus, for heaven’s sake—live a little!

As you may have noticed, Boston is vastly different from how it was back in 1982, when you graduated from Harvard Business School. The Combat Zone is just a wistful memory, but trust us: There are still plenty of ways to have a good time around here—especially if you’re an empty-nester with a $3.8 million annual salary.

First: a toast. We suggest ducking into Menton’s Gold Bar (1). Right around the corner from GE’s impending headquarters in Fort Point, Barbara Lynch’s swank lounge serves the kind of flashy fare its name suggests, from foie gras frankfurters to $90 globs of Osetra caviar. But we know you can flex that no-limit black card even harder. Just a quick jaunt from your new Comm. Ave. digs is the high-end seafood spot Ostra (2), where the 3-pound lobster tastes even better with a $2,300 magnum bottle of cab sauv.

If you’d rather dive into a good book, head to the Boston Athenaeum (3), one of the country’s most distinguished libraries. Become a trustee, and you can rub elbows with fellow bookworm bigwigs—though the hobnobbing might be better at the posh Harvard Club (4), where you can knock back a few with your fellow Crimson alums.

We know you’re not one to fuss over fashion, but let’s face it: A closet of bespoke suits is a CEO necessity. Luckily, your condo is just a three-minute walk from famed tailor Alan Rouleau (5), so you can roll out of bed and into a fitting. Oh, and while you’re out and about: If you need a light bulb, Beacon Hill’s Charles Street Supply Co. (6) is just a few blocks away.