Marty Walsh on Debbie Wasserman Schultz Resignation: ‘I Wouldn’t Take the Podium’

The mayor talked party politics ahead of his DNC speech in Philly.

Photo via Mayor's Office/Isabel Leon

Photo via Mayor’s Office/Isabel Leon

If Marty Walsh were Debbie Wasserman Schultz, he might keep a lower profile.

The embattled DNC chairwoman will resign her post after nearly 20,000 DNC emails published by WikiLeaks suggested a plot by party officials to damage Hillary Clinton’s primary challenger, Sen. Bernie Sanders. Schultz was booed at Florida delegation breakfast Monday morning.

Walsh, expected to address the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia around 7 p.m., said that if he were in her shoes, he’d forgo the traditional gaveling-in.

“If you ask me the question if I were the chair of the party in the same situation, would I take the podium, my answer would be no, I wouldn’t take the podium tonight,” the mayor told Herald Radio ahead of his speech. “The congresswoman, she’s worked hard in this party…You have to take responsibility. It’s like me being mayor. I mean, somebody in my administration might do something, but I take ownership of it. Sometimes it’s unfair and difficult, but that’s the position we’re in, to be quite honest with you.”

Walsh declined to comment on speculation whether the leaked DNC emails were hacked by the Russians, but said he had no problem with Schultz taking a top post in the Clinton campaign.

“I’m assuming at the breakfast this morning, the Florida breakfast, a lot of that was Bernie Sanders supporters,” Walsh said. “I think Sen. Sanders has a real opportunity tonight to unite this party, like Ted Cruz had an opportunity, and Ted Cruz didn’t take that opportunity.”

Walsh, who endorsed Clinton in the Democratic primary, praised Sanders’ fervent supporters for being “as loyal a base as anyone’s ever had,” but emphasized the need to coalesce behind the presumptive party nominee.