Sasha Obama Scored a Summer Job on Martha’s Vineyard

She's working at the takeout window of Nancy's Restaurant, a seafood shack in Oak Bluffs.

Photo via Facebook

Nancy’s Restaurant photo via Facebook

Instead of lounging in the sand this summer, Sasha Obama is spending time on Martha’s Vineyard working at a seafood shack.

She scored a summer job at Nancy’s Restaurant in Oak Bluffs, where she’s been working at the takeout window, busing tables, and prepping the eatery before it opens, according to the Boston Herald. While going by her full name, Natasha, the 15-year-old has been clocking in early, working four-hour shifts in the mornings.

On Tuesday, the Herald reported Sasha headed into work with a posse of six Secret Service agents. The agents dutifully waited outside of Nancy’s in their Suburban SUV while Sasha got a taste of the service industry. The agents will probably quit idling near the pier when the rest of the Obama family arrives to the island for their annual two-week stay.

When they’re not chowing down on ice cream cones at Mad Martha’s, the Obama family gets their seafood fix at Nancy’s. They seem to have befriended the restaurant’s owner, who most likely hooked Sasha up with her service stint.

It’s said Sasha will be finished busing tables on Saturday when her parents arrive. It will be the family’s last Martha’s Vineyard vacation while President Obama is still in office. Perhaps a family bike ride is in order—this time with helmets, we hope.