Jeb Bush Has Been Wandering Around Boston at Night

If you've lost a Jeb, please let us know.

Since Jeb Bush bowed out of the Republican primary in February, clearing a path to the nomination for his stubby-fingered tormentor, some have wondered what the former Florida governor has been up to. At last, we have an answer.

Emerson student Ben Bailey spotted Jeb! traipsing down Boylston Street Tuesday night, and recounted his experience in a Facebook post.

“The smell of sawdust from construction of Emerson’s new dining facility permeated the air and as I was trying to forget the fact that I was going 6 figures into debt for this construction, I saw a familiar face pass by me,” Bailey wrote. “A face that has so commonly been associated with defeat. Jeb! Bush. All alone dressed in a full suit with an American flag pin on his lapel while carrying a box of papers.”

Bailey says he rushed across the street, somewhere near 62 Boylston, and greeted him with great excitement.

“He doesn’t say anything really, just a blank, somewhat confused/defensive expression on his face,” Bailey wrote. “I said something along the lines of ‘I just wanted to say that I respect you for standing up against Trump during the debates and staying true to your beliefs.’ With a sheepish smile on his face he says ‘Well. Thank you.'”

Alas, Bailey says Jeb! disappeared down a dark Chinatown alley before he could whip out the Emerson ID he made him for his first Photoshop project.