Elizabeth Warren Takes a Sledgehammer to Donald Trump’s Economic Plan

On Twitter, of course.

Photo (Cropped) by Edward Kimmel on Flickr/Creative Commons

Photo (Cropped) by Edward Kimmel on Flickr/Creative Commons

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump outlined his long-awaited economic plan Monday, in a speech best remembered for the deeply Freudian vow to pour trillions into “titties like Detroit.”

“I want to jump-start America and it can be done and it won’t even be that hard,” Trump said.

The plan calls for an end to the estate tax, as well as making child care costs tax-deductible. Trump’s opponent, Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, dismissed the proposal as “just a repackaging of trickle-down economics.”

To hammer this point home, Sen. Elizabeth Warren pulled the ripcord and fired up the ol’ Twitter machine yet again, comparing Trump’s call for more deregulation and corporate tax cuts to the same lack of oversight that crashed the economy in 2008.

Trump has yet to tweet a response as of Tuesday morning, but it’s likely only a matter of time before he summons Howie Carr from whatever Market Basket he’s hawking T-shirts at to start up the war-whoops again.