Boston City Council’s Favorite Ice Cream Flavors, Ranked

Vote your conscience.

Photo via iStock/CharlieAJA

Ice Cream Photo via iStock/CharlieAJA

In case you missed it, the Boston City Council has revealed the councilors’ favorite ice cream flavors in a series of tweets as summer wanes to a close. Some choices are perfectly acceptable, even commendable. Others are impeachable offenses.

Below is a definitive ranking of the City Council’s ice cream preferences from best to worst. Keep it handy come election season.

1. President Michelle Wu — Caramel fudge brownie

2. Councilor-at-Large Ayanna Pressley — Black raspberry frozen yogurt with chocolate chunks

3. Councilor Tito Jackson — Cookie dough

4. Councilor Mark Ciommo — Mocha chip

5. Councilor Bill Linehan — Chocolate

6. Councilor-at-Large Michael Flaherty — Coffee

7. Councilor-at-Large Annissa Essaibi-George — Pistachio

8. Councilor Matt O’Malley — Coconut almond chip

9. Councilor Josh Zakim — Vanilla frappe

10. Councilors Frank Baker and Andrea Campbell — Chocolate chip

11. Councilor Sal LaMattina — Gelato, “honestly…just about everything

12. Councilor Tim McCarthy — Rum raisin

No one has ever seen anyone actually order, much less consume rum raisin in decades, and if you see it on a menu board, it’s only because of intense lobbying by Big Ice Cream. Rum raisin is the Cleveland Browns of ice cream flavors: popular when television had three channels, less so in the intervening half-century. Rum raisin doesn’t even have its own Wikipedia page. Go ahead, look. It’s a low-energy ice cream.

Raisins are the worst part of whatever they’re in, from oatmeal cookies to carrot cake to trail mix. Not even soaking them in alcohol and lodging them in some full-fat ice cream can make them even remotely appealing. Literally every other ice cream flavor is LEGOs, and rum raisin is Mega Bloks.

Rum raisin is a bad flavor.