How Scott Brown Got His Bicycle Back

Troubling times for the former senator after a Southwest flight to Nebraska.

After a few hours of ugh-inducing separation, Scott Brown has his bicycle back.

The former senator, fitness obsessive and bike repairman jetted out to Nebraska to compete in a triathlon this week, but arrived in the city bike-less and peeved.

“@SouthwestAir lost my bike. Unreal,” he tweeted at 2:30 p.m.. “No clue where it is. Hopefully will get soon. Ugh.”

It arrived in the evening after some intervention from the airline, he tweeted, but came in several pieces (the Boston Globe did some digging and found out bikes transported on the airline need to meet dimensions requirements and have their pedals and handlebars removed), and now he’ll have to “figure out how to put it back together.”

“Ugh,” he added.

Brown will take a break from Trump-stumping and shredding with a dad band to join 6,000 tri-athletes at the 2016 Triathlon Age Group National Championships August 13-14. With a fully functioning bicycle, one can only hope.