24 People Injured in Turbulence on JetBlue Flight Leaving Boston

'People were flying all over the place.'

Photo via iStock/rypson

Photo via iStock/rypson

Twenty-four people were injured following turbulence on a Sacramento-bound flight that originated at Logan International Airport in Boston.

JetBlue Flight 429 left Logan at 5:25 p.m. Thursday and landed in Rapid City, South Dakota, around 7:30 p.m., the airline says. In an email to the Globe, Dr. Alan H. Lee, an orthopedic surgeon on Flight 429, said his laptop nearly hit the ceiling when the turbulence caused a sudden drop in altitude.

“People were flying all over the place,” Lee said. “If people weren’t wearing their seatbelt, they hit their head on the ceiling.”

Twenty-two passengers were reportedly injured, as well as two crew members. Rhonda Renee, one of those aboard Flight 429, tweeted pictures from inside the plane.

JetBlue provided passengers with bottled water and blankets when they arrived in Rapid City, and later emailed them an apology offering “a service credit in the amount of the roundtrip fare paid (excluding taxes and fees) or $200 whichever is greater.”