This Poor Jumping Squirrel Got Its Head Stuck in a Cup

Thankfully, a group of EMTs in Connecticut had a pink sheet and the know-how to save it.

“Do squirrels bite?” asks an Enfield, Conn. emergency medical technician in a video posted to Facebook on Friday.

“Yes!” answers another, as the group of navy-clad EMTs watches a lone squirrel hop around a parking lot.  The poor squirrel in the video has its head stuck in a small, white cup. After each leap, it smashes the cup on the concrete with a clunk.

“Don’t smash your head,” a voice instructs, and then the squirrel rescuers close in. The group readies to catch the squirrel and remove the cup, with a pink sheet in tow.

Just when one responder manages to wrap the squirrel in the sheet, the animal jumps out from his grip, between the legs of another EMT. The squirrel proceeds to complete a few more impressive leaps before he’s captured in the sheet again. One giggling rescuer finally removes the helmet-like apparatus, which WBZ speculates is a yogurt cup, and the squirrel hops happily into the woods.

The video from the Enfield EMS Facebook page was viewed more than 236,000 times as of Tuesday morning. Perhaps this squirrel’s newfound fame can propel him to Rio, where it’d most likely win gold in the high jump.

See the full video below.