Be on the Lookout for a Peeping Tom in Back Bay

Police are investigating three reports of a Marlborough Street voyeur.

marlborough st

Marlborough Street photo by Leslee on Flickr/Creative Commons

It’s hard out there for a Peeping Tom in the city, especially since there are hundreds of surrounding neighbors around who can easily spot peepers. This is the case in one of Boston’s fanciest neighborhoods, where a voyeur in plain sight has gotten away with peeping into the windows of grand homes on Marlborough Street.

On three separate occasions, the same Peeping Tom has been spotted in Back Bay, causing a resident to post “Neighborhood Watch” signs to trees lining Marlborough Street.

The notices describe a man peeping in a neighborhood yard early in the morning. In one instance, the peeper returned to the street later that morning. The note reads, “…the same creep drove by in a truck. Again, the police were notified and came out.”

The truck is described as a white Ford with out-of-state plates. The notes goes on to warn the neighborhood to be vigilant and to be on the lookout for the man.

Police haven’t been able to catch the voyeur, and are asking anyone with information to call them.