Mike Pence Couldn’t Convince Charlie Baker to Vote Trump

Hey, you tried.

Pence photo via iStock/scarletsails. Baker photo via Governor's Office.

Pence photo via iStock/scarletsails. Baker photo via Governor’s Office.

Gov. Charlie Baker has made it abundantly clear he plans to blank his ballot this November. But that hasn’t stopped his fellow party members from trying to change his mind.

Baker attended the Republican Governor’s Association Executive Quarterly Roundtable meetings in Aspen on Tuesday, where vice presidential nominee Mike Pence spoke for about 20 minutes, trying to make the case for Donald Trump.

“I thought his talk was terrific, because it was as he is. It was a positive and optimistic speech,” Baker told reporters in Springfield on Wednesday. “And he talked a lot about his time as governor of Indiana. He talked a lot about his time in Congress. And he talked about how important it was for the country to continue to maintain a positive outlook for the future.”

But despite Pence’s “terrific” pitch, Baker still takes issue with his running mate’s “temperament,” as well as Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s “believability.”

“I’ve been pretty disappointed with our choices,” he said.