Best Schools in Boston 2016

With charter school legislation on the ballot this year, the fight between the pro-charter and anti-charter faithful is reaching a fever pitch. Here’s what you need to know, plus our exclusive ranking of area high schools.

best schools boston 2016

— Deep Dive —

The Great Charter Debate

This fall, it’s going to get ugly in Massachusetts. We’re prepping for a projected $30 million public fight with all the attendant invective and hyperbole, so keep the kids away from the TV—the proverbial poo is going to fly.

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— Cheat Sheet —

A Guide to Charter Schools

A primer for parents on understanding school lotteries, navigating college admissions, and cutting through all of the educational jargon.

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— Take It From Them —

Why I Love My Charter School

On one side of the debate, parents value the open communication and sense of personal responsibility emphasized at the city’s charter schools.

Why I Love My Traditional Public School

On the other, they appreciate the diverse and supportive learning environment that Boston Public Schools offer.

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Best Schools Charts

Sort our exclusive rankings of area high schools by what matters most to you—test scores, graduation rate, student-teacher ratio, and more.

Traditional Public High Schools

Charter Schools