Unlike Tom Brady, David Ortiz Can’t Stand Donald Trump

He called immigrants the 'spark plug of the country’s economy.'

Photos via AP

Photos via AP

David Ortiz rarely strays into the political realm. But when he does, it’s safe to assume he won’t mince words.

In a Spanish-language interview with USA Today this week, the Red Sox slugger lashed out against Donald Trump, for comments he’s made about immigrants, Latinos in particular.

“When you speak like that about us, it’s a slap in the face,” Ortiz, 40,  said. “I walk around sometimes, and I see Mexican people trying to earn a living in an honest way. And to hear somebody make those kinds of comments, it hits you. I think as Latin people we deserve better. Things have gotten much better in that regard. … As Latin people we deserve respect, no matter where you’re from. And especially our Mexican brothers, who come here willing to do all the dirty work.”

Trump called Mexican immigrants “rapists” who bring crime and drugs during his presidential announcement speech last year. He has since made a massive wall along the U.S.-Mexico border a central part of his campaign, often engaging in call-and-response bits at his rallies reminding the crowd who will pay for it. (Mexico, despite Mexico’s past and present heads of state steadfastly denying it.)

“Latin people here in the United States are the spark plug of the country’s economy. Whoever opposes that is going to lose,” Ortiz continued. “And not just Latin people but immigrants. I’m talking about people who come from Africa, from Asia, other places. All those people come here with one goal, to realize the American dream, and you have to include them in our group.”

Ortiz’s rebuke of Trump stands in stark contrast to Tom Brady’s tacit endorsement of the Republican nominee. After one of his “Make America Great Again” hats was spotted in Brady’s locker last fall, the Patriots quarterback said it “would be great” if Trump were elected president. Clay Buchholz, Ortiz’s own teammate, says he “absolutely” supports Trump, the man who introduced him to his future wife at an MMA event in Anaheim in 2008.