Turkeys’ Reign of Terror Continues in Foxborough

The vengeful birds have claimed the town as their own.


A feathery menace has laid siege to the home of the Patriots: Turkeys, seeking revenge, are on the offensive in Foxborough.

The animal control officer in the town has been fielding a spike in complaints this summer from residents about wild turkeys dive-bombing their cars, chasing them down the street, and rebuffing authority figures.

“Police will come and put their sirens on and it doesn’t even scare them,” Foxborough resident Susan Brown tells WHDH. “They go after the tires.”

Animal Control officer Sue Thibedeau tells the Globe that the problem likely stems from people being too generous with the birds, doling out so many food scraps that it’s going to the turkeys’ little heads.

“That is always the root of the problem,” she says.

Although it’s rare to have so many angry turkey sightings in the town, upticks in avian attacks, as well as rogue feathery aggressors, is not unheard of. To the contrary. As we recently learned via video evidence of crap-talking turkeys gang-rushing a Cape Cod postal worker and harassing a Natick police officer, some of the wild animals appear to have a score to settle.

As Boston explored earlier this year, there are a few reasons to fear and respect turkeys, and to play by their rules. They are prideful, obsessed with pecking order, and faster than you, and the only way to beat them is to aggressively take back your neighborhood as your own.

Stand up to the turkeys, yell, or spray them with a hose, experts say.

Or, you know, save yourself, stay indoors, and wait out the poultry apocalypse. Who knows where this ends.