Boston Drivers Ranked Worst in the United States

Long live the Masshole.

For the third year in a row, Massachusetts drivers were ranked the worst in the nation. This will hardly come as news to many of you.

Drivers in Boston were named the worst of the worst in auto insurer Allstate’s annual “Best Drivers Report,” which ranks motorists in the 200 most populous cities in the country. Worcester followed in a close second—that is, 199th—while Springfield placed 196th.

A Boston driver is 167.6 percent more likely to have an accident than the national average, with a new accident every 7.1 years. Fortunately, that’s up from every 3.9 years, estimated in last year’s report.

On the whole, however, Massachusetts drivers are better than New York drivers, according to a July study by car insurance comparison company EverQuote, which also deemed North Reading the safest place to drive in the Bay State.

The best drivers in the country can be found in Brownsville, Texas, according to Allstate’s findings. There, drivers go 14.6 years between accidents. But give ’em a Storrow Drive, and they’d crumble all the same.