Julian Edelman Sends Tom Brady Some Love After Patriots Win

'We're going to get a couple more for you.'

Jimmy Garoppolo stole the show in the Patriots’ come-from-behind win against the Arizona Cardinals Sunday night. But Tom Brady was still at the front of Julian Edelman’s mind.

In a postgame interview with NBC’s Michelle Tafoya, Edelman relayed a proverbial wet kiss to Brady, who’s officially started serving his Deflategate suspension. “I love you buddy,” Edelman said. “We’re going to get a couple more for you. A few more.” (Notice, he acknowledges his mother only after he’s done talking about Brady.)

Edelman’s bromance with Brady is well-documented. In an interview with ESPN’s E:60 last year, he admitted he used to willingly serve as Brady’s locker room gopher boy. “We sat next to each other in the locker room, and I kind of did anything for him. If he needed anything, I’d go get it for him,” Edelman said. “I heard him and some of the receivers would go out to L.A., and they would throw, so I move out to L.A. in the offseason to be near him just in case he needed me.”

Though Edelman doesn’t have to wait on Brady anymore to get his attention, he’s still expressed a desire to be wherever TB12 is. Most notably, Edelman photoshopped a picture of himself next to Brady and Justin Timberlake at UFC 200 over the summer.


When asked about Brady’s absence last week, Edelman compared it to one of his buddies going to jail. Brady, for his part, said he wouldn’t go that far.

Despite his apparently heavy heart, Edelman was a key cog in the Patriots’ 23-21 win over Arizona. He caught seven passes from Garoppolo for 66 yards—and also delivered a bone-crushing block in the first half.


The Patriots were 9.5-point underdogs heading into Sunday, which was the largest point spread against them since they took on the Rams in the Super Bowl 14 years ago. But even without Brady, Rob Gronkowski, and left tackle Nate Solder, they were able to defeat one of the best teams in the NFL on the road.

The Patriots will return home for the next three weeks, setting themselves up for Brady’s return October 9 against the lowly Cleveland Browns. If Garoppolo plays as well the rest of the month as he did Sunday, the Patriots should have no problem notching down a few more wins while Brady is sidelined.