The Boston Commute Is Among the Longest in the U.S.

New Census data awards Boston yet another transportation non-victory.

mbta orange line

Photo by Alex Lau.

Hooray for us.

All that time Bostonians spend loitering on T platforms, walking, driving, biking, or otherwise getting from their front doors to their places of work puts all of us in exclusive company. Boston’s commute times, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, are some of the longest in the country.

New data released Thursday show the city has the country’s sixth most time-consuming commute, according to an analysis in the Boston Globe

Commuters took an average of 31 minutes en route to their jobs, according to the Globe, which puts us a few fractions of a minute ahead of Los Angeles and D.C., and a few minutes behind New York, where the average commute was the longest in the nation at 36.3 minutes.

Explore the rest of the stats from the agency, which include a treasure trove of raw transportation data, here.

It’s only the latest transit dishonor to be bestowed on Boston. The city made the top ten in a study of cities with the worst traffic. Another report found Boston leading the nation in terrible drivers.

And that’s just on a good day. Making matters all the more dire, as we all learned last year, our entire public transit system can collapse if it snows hard enough.

At least we can console ourselves, while whiling away the hours squeezing into packed MBTA trains or boarding yet another bunched bus, with the soothing baritone of Frank Oglesby Jr., the voice of the MBTA, who will always be there to talk us through the long-commute blues. Or will he.