A Leak at the Alewife MBTA Station Looks Like ‘Decorative Fountains’

A touch of elegance on the Red Line.

alewife fountain 1

Photo via Twitter/@octr202

Travelers at the Alewife MBTA station this morning were treated to what looked like a pair of fountains emerging from the structure’s concrete columns.

One of the two streams, captured by commuter and Twitter user @octr202 this morning, was gushing out of the bottom of one of the poles at the transit complex’s ground level. The other was much more elegant, spurting upward and landing just so on a smaller concrete pylon.

“Alewife Station decorative fountains,” the commuter tweeted.

The T responded a few minutes later, and said maintenance crews would investigate.

Asked about what appeared to be leaks at the station, T spokesman Joe Pesaturo said the leaks were “caused by a heavy downpour,” and says they have since stopped.

The heavy rains that were promised during the commute this morning did indeed come to pass, and our plants are certainly thankful for this. Scattered showers were forecast for the rest of the day.

For those taking the Red Line on Monday from its 30-year-old northernmost stop, that meant seeing a little spontaneous decor for the morning routine—a touch of the finer things to start the sixth-longest commute in the U.S.