At Last, We Know What Marty Walsh Keeps in the Pockets of His Cargo Shorts

Mystery solved.

Photo via Mayor's Office/Jeremiah Robinson

Photo via Mayor’s Office/Jeremiah Robinson

Mayor Marty Walsh held a “Back to School” Twitter chat Wednesday afternoon, fielding questions on a variety of topics, from Boston Public Schools and the November ballot question that would lift the cap on charter school expansion in Massachusetts, to self-driving cars and one Metro reporter’s pressing need for one.

With autumn on the way, Walsh could soon be forced to abandon his beloved cargo shorts, which, by all measures, irreparably tore this city apart. Whether he plans to transition to cargo pants, the most logical progression, remains to be seen. But before he stows the taupe terrors away for the season, Walsh revealed what he keeps in those voluminous saddle bags.

[rap airhorn]

Since we first took notice of Walsh’s long and unrepentant love for the garment last month, he’s wasted no opportunity to defend their honor and extoll the virtues of thigh storage.

We’ll just assume he keeps his latest issue of Boston magazine in a safe spot, where it won’t get crinkled.