The Latest David Ortiz Send-off? A Dunkin Donuts Portrait

Big Papi's latest Red Sox retirement commemoration goes best with an iced coffee.

You think this is starting to get, I don’t know, weird yet for David Ortiz?

One day you’re a fantastically gifted slugger, doing your job for your team year after year,  the next you’re posing with Lego statues of yourself, sniffing a you-scented candle, or observing a spread of thousands of donuts, arranged in a you-shape.

That latest one, courtesy of another iconic Massachusetts brand giving a nod to the soon-to-be-retired Red Sox great (Dunkin’ Donuts), took shape on the Rose Kennedy Greenway this week.

“The largest Big Papi you’ve ever seen, and he’s made of donuts!” Fox 25’s Elizabeth Hopkins exclaims in this video, as a camera pans toward the sugary tribute taking shape on a big green platform.

Ten-thousand donuts, Fox reports.

For each donut, Dunkin Donuts donated 34 cents to the Greater Boston Food Bank.

The coffee chain posted updates about the construction of the dessert mural on Snapchat, sharing one such up-close video on Twitter. It appears the pastries were arranged one-by-one, paint-by-numbers style.

Dunkin’ also gifted Ortiz some special treats with the #34 on them this month. The athlete has been a spokesman for the chain since 2014, teaming up with the Patriots’ Rob Gronkowski.

Maybe this is too much Big Papi worship, or maybe it’s not enough. It’s definitely a lot. But hey, at least this one is delicious.