Hubways Are Not for Highways

A video showing a man riding a Hubway in the Tip O'Neill Tunnel serves as a reminder.

hubway highway

Photo via Facebook

It’s not the first time a Bostonian has braved a highway with a bicycle, and it probably won’t be the last. But officials at Hubway want its customers to know that Hubways are not for highways.

In a video captured over the weekend, a man can be seen taking a Hubway for a spin in the Thomas P. “Tip” O’Neill, Jr. Tunnel on I-93. The Snapchat video, which was later posted to Facebook, makes a correct assumption in its caption, “Yo I don’t think you can do that on 93 lol.”

Since it was posted on Sunday by passenger Brad Anderson, the video has received more than 124,000 views. It turns out that Hubway accounted for a few of those views—on Monday, the bicycle sharing company took to its own Facebook page to lay down the law.

“It is EXTREMELY dangerous and definitely illegal to ride a bike on 93 (or any area highway),” reads the post. “DO NOT DO IT.”

Anderson told the Boston Globe that the well-dressed man (sans helmet) seemed calm and collected. After the cyclist realized he was being filmed, he gave Anderson and his fellow passengers a peace sign. Hubway’s Facebook post, on the other hand, is the figurative opposite of a peace sign.

“…if you happen to drive past someone doing this, please be very careful and allow extra space, and do not yell at them or swerve suddenly around them,” the post continues. The company advised drivers to ask highway cyclists if they need help, and to call a non-emergency line to contact police.