Boston School Committee Unanimously Votes Against Question 2

Boston joins more than 150 communities who have formally opposed charter expansion.

Photo by Kyle Clauss

Photo by Kyle Clauss

The Boston School Committee unanimously passed a resolution Wednesday declaring its formal opposition to Question 2, the November ballot measure that would lift the cap on charter school expansion in Massachusetts.

Boston joins more than 150 school districts across Massachusetts that have opposed charter expansion, one month after the City Council passed a similar resolution against Question 2.

“We are thrilled that Boston School Committee has joined over 150 other school committees across the state in standing up against this irresponsible ballot question that will strip our public schools of hundreds of millions of dollars and funnel it to privately-run charter schools with no local oversight or accountability,” said Juan Cofield, co-chair of Save Our Public Schools in a statement.

A city report published ahead of Wednesday’s meeting found that Boston Public Schools had lost $48 million to charter schools over the past three years due to underfunded reimbursement, and stands to lose hundreds of millions more if the charter cap is lifted.

Voters will decide on Question 2 at the polls on November 8.