Hurricane Matthew Won’t Hit Boston

Your weekend plans are safe.

hurricane matthew

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

While the southeast braces for impact as Hurricane Matthew continues its destructive path through the Bahamas and toward the Florida coast, New Englanders have nothing to worry about, says the National Weather Service.

The storm is not expected to come anywhere near Boston this weekend, according to meteorologist Frank Nocera in Taunton. Earlier models had suggested that Matthew, which could reach Category 4 status, might travel up the East Coast. It won’t, Nocera says.

“It looks like there not going to be any strong current to bring Hurricane Matthew up here, so it’s going to impact the Florida coast to South Carolina and then start veering out to sea,” he says, adding that he’s confident despite the unpredictability inherent in many major weather events. “It’s been pretty consistent now that it’s not going to come far enough north to get captured by the jet stream, or even come close to us. It looks like it’s going to stay south.”

What’s troubling lately, though, is both the strength of the storm, which has already killed a reported 28 people in the Caribbean, and the possibility that its path might lead it back toward land, possibly bringing flooding and damage to the region twice in one week.

“It’s not common but it does happen,” Nocera says.

In this region, clear skies are forecast for the next week or so, and meteorologists do not expect any additional wind or rain to come this way as a result of the hurricane. The impact of it will probably be felt most strongly on the beaches, Nocera says.

“The ocean is still fairly warm—in the 60s—so some of the die hard surfers can take advantage of some good surfing conditions.”