Rob Delaney Launches Anti-Former Trump Supporter Fundraiser

Look out, Kelly Ayotte. Rob Delaney is helping out Maggie Hassan.

Rob Delaney

Image via AP

Donald Trump has said any number of shocking things over the course of his campaign. Some Republicans, such as Mitt Romney, have disavowed him from the start, suggesting that his comments about Muslims, women, people with disabilities, Mexican immigrants, this list could go on forever, make him unfit to be president. But it wasn’t until the Washington Post released leaked video of him making “lewd” comments while filming a segment for Access Hollywood with Billy Bush that other Republicans began to say they couldn’t support him, including New Hampshire’s own Kelly Ayotte.

Ayotte has been a little inconsistent with her support for the G.O.P. nominee, saying at one point that he was a role model before immediately backing down. But after Trump insulted The Ladies, she said he’d gone too far, and she’d be writing in his running mate Mike Pence (known for his unending “support” for women). John McCain, as well as multiple members of the House of Representatives, have also said they can no longer stand behind Trump.

But for comedian Rob Delaney (of Catastrophe, and also a Mass. native), this was far too little, far too late. So he’s started a fundraiser to support the opponents of these last-minute non-supporters (insert sinking ship metaphor here). As he explains in a Tumblr post aptly titled, “No Getting Off the Train,” “something happened yesterday that has operated on me more deeply than anything in any political campaign I’ve ever seen. It has triggered my lizard brain and I want to harm the people who’ve angered me. In a fun way!”

He goes on to call these people a variety of NSFW names, the least obscene of which is “turd balls.” As he puts it, “Since I’m not a total moron, I know that what really happened is that it finally became clear to anyone who knows how elections work that Trump was definitely going to lose.” He’s set up a fundraiser through Act Blue “where you can give money to the opponents of the senators, congressmen, governors and state legislators who’ve unendorsed Trump on or after October 7th.” The fundraiser has already raised over $26,000, and you can donate here, should you, like Mr. Delaney, be offended by these folks.